Warwick University Fintech Society

Student Association Profile

Club Type: FinTech as a part of Warwick Finance Societies
Club Size: 2700+ members
Student Backgrounds: Business/Finance, Economics, Politics, Computer Science, and other interested students

CryptoTalent Ambassador:
Johannes Pittgens

My name is Johannes Pittgens and I am a member of the FinTech team in Warwick Finance Societies. I study Management at the University of Warwick, play handball in the university’s team and run an online shop in Germany. Having heard of Bitcoin in 2013, I misperceived it as a “mysterious” and intangible internet payment method without understanding the underlying technology.


After Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s rapid price increase in March 2017, I did my research to understand the principles of blockchain and subsequently invested in several cryptocurrencies. Since then, I have been keeping up with the market developments, deepened my knowledge and started to expand my network in the crypto space.

Joining the FinTech team was one of the goals I set myself for the first year at Warwick. I knew that I wanted to get involved in this highly innovative space at university, make my peers more aware of cryptocurrencies but also learn from them in intriguing discussions.

In addition, I also see my involvement in the FinTech team as a great opportunity to grow myself. It is a great way to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone, for example when delivering presentations on FinTech in front of up to 60 people, while also expanding my own network in the FinTech sector.


The FinTech team is a part of Warwick Finance Societies (WFS), with more than 2700 members and more than 150 events each year. While WFS’s events mostly deal with finance, commercial law and careers consulting, the FinTech events often deal with cryptocurrencies. These include regular discussions about investments in cryptocurrencies, talks of representatives from cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurs from the University of Warwick presenting their crypto related businesses.

Furthermore, WFS held the Warwick FinTech Conference in London in February 2018 as one of their flagship events. The conference brought together many experts from the industry as well as interested students to discuss crypto and blockchain in panel debates.

Activities & Interests

Currently, the FinTech team is aiming to ease the way for interested students into financial technology companies with the help of CryptoTalent.

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