Startups @ Universities

Present Your Startup At The Best Universities

It’s a win-win scenario.

We have partnered with blockchain & crypto student associations at some of the most prestigious universities. Our goal is to educate these ambitious students and help them transition to a career in the blockchain sector.

So How Can We Help You?

Speak At An Event

We can organize for you and your team to come and meet the students. A great opportunity for you to recruit and increase your company’s exposure.

Let Them Speak For You

Can’t travel? No problem. We can train our respective ambassador to represent you for the day, and provide you with a report of the event.

PLEASE NOTE that we aren’t able to facilitate these events for every company, nor is this by any means an ICO marketing scheme. We are looking for founders that see the value of these students in the progression of the blockchain industry, and projects that are true disruptors.

If you can relate, then feel free to get in touch!