University of Surrey STEM Society

Student Association Profile

Club Type: Fintech, Blockchain
Club Size: 300
Student Backgrounds: , Computer Science, & Engineering, Maths, Physics

CryptoTalent Ambassador:
Mladen Rusev

I am a final year Hospitality and Tourism Management student at the University of Surrey.My journey in the crypto community began in September 2017 with me looking at different investment options for my savings. The returns which traditional tools offered were not satisfactory so I looked for something else. I came across cryptocurrencies and quickly identified them as a lucrative opportunity. I started focusing heavily on researching projects and learning technical analysis.

As I learned more about blockchain technology and the problems it could solve, I felt that merely profiting was not enough and so started looking for ways to create a crypto community in my university. As a final year student, I was too late to start a crypto society, so I joined STEM. Additionally, I run a small group of crypto enthusiasts in which we discuss tokens, ICOs and technical analysis. As an incoming ambassador for Crypto Talent, and London Blockchain Labs, I aim to expand my network in the industry, raise awareness around blockchain in Surrey and open my peers to the opportunities of this booming industry.



University of Surrey’s STEM Society exists to bring together students from various fields of Science and Engineering and aims to encourage the next generation of young adult to take up STEM subjects. The society enables current students to meet and connect with a wide range of professionals through networking events. Moreover, we host regular social events such as documentary nights, barbecues and quiz nights, so we can share ideas and connect in a friendly environment. With the rise of their popularity in the last year, Bitcoin and blockchain are now key areas of interest.The society currently has 300+ members mainly from STEM subjects (Computer Science, Engineering, Maths, Physics)

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