Nottingham University 1980s Society

Student Association Profile

Club Type: Politics, Technology, Fashion
Club Size: 30+
Student Backgrounds: Economics, History, Law

CryptoTalent Ambassador:
George Kennedy

I am a first year Economics student at the University of Nottingham. My interest in the crypto community stemmed from joining the Economics and Finance society, where I broadened my knowledge of financial markets. Next, I delved deeper into the capabilities of technology to enhance financial markets and hence understood the complexities of cryptocurrencies. My fascination currently derives from the potential of blockchain innovation that can lay the foundations of peoples’ every day activities via this new decentralised database. For example, Democracy Earth is striving to use blockchain to enable people to vote online through authentication giving voices to thousands of people.  This one example highlights the potential for this technology to encapsulate our society for generations to come and this interest me. I believe for it to be fully integrated into our culture, a critical mass of appreciation needs to be reached and CrypoTalent is helping this through connecting young professionals with established blockchain/crypto companies.



I am currently President of the newly affiliated 1980s Society at the University of Nottingham. The 1980s society is a society based around interests in previous generations and the quirks of decades such as the 1980s. It also examines the impact that the decade had on politics, technology, fashion and music. Events will involve the cooperation with tribute bands as well as pub nights, helping to improve student life at Nottingham. I also decided to establish this society to be able to connect and network within the Student Union and establish relationships with other societies such as the Fintech Society. This is a new society with upcoming events including talks on cryptocurrency information and the society will be hosting networking sessions with Fintech innovators from Barclays, JP Morgan and more. As a future participant of these talks as well as possibly collaborating with this society, the emphasis to spread knowledge of blockchain and their applications is immense.


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