Newcastle University Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Society

Student Association Profile

Club Type: Blockchain
Club Size: 100
Student Backgrounds: Computer Science and Quantitative Finance, among others


The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Society runs in three sections:


The first looks to bring the new technology to a beginner level. This allows students to find out about and understand how cryptocurrencies work. Typically we meet once a week, where I present an idea or real-world application and hope to inspire future careers in blockchain.


The second focuses on investing in cryptocurrencies. The investments focus on finding the intrinsic value of real-world applications, adding value to the community to help maintain the longevity of its project.


The final area is bring coding workshops to students from external companies, the first being Oracle in February. This again hopes to bring more students into the blockchain space, connecting the new supply to the high demand for developers.

Interested In 

Collaborating closely with the Computer and Technology Society in Newcastle University, the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Society would like to organise hackathons and coding workshops to further experiment with sample blockchains and trading platform APIs. Having already organised a workshop on the topic of blockchain and the cloud with Oracle, the society is always interested in hosting events with industry professionals.

CryptoTalent Ambassador: Matthew Mcilwham

I am Matthew McIlwham, the Founder and President of the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Society, at Newcastle University. I originally discovered Bitcoin through a friend in 2015, who used to buy and sell it through Since then, I have looked further into understanding the technology behind it and wanted to share this information; there is a clear gap between those who are well-informed and those who want to know more; so I founded the society and I also help to run a Facebook group and Discord server – to make this information more accessible and understandable.

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