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Degree: Music, Business and Arts Management
Interest: Financial Services, Technology, Music
Involvement: CryptoTalent Ambassador

CryptoTalent Ambassador:
Sara Ruini

My name is Sara, I am currently in my third year studying Music Business and Arts Management at Middlesex University, and I have experience in financial services technology, live and recorded music industry, and marketing.


I became interested in blockchain technology at the end of my first year of university. Some of the leading experts in the field of music and tech visited our campus and gave a talk on how blockchains will change the music industries (for the better) – before then, I had only heard of Bitcoin and barely knew anything about this technology. After the event, I decided to read more on the topic and ended up becoming obsessed with the crypto world!

Being an intern at a large financial institution, taking part to a smart contract project as an executive assistant at a fast-growing independent record label and researching the impact of blockchain technology on the record industry made me want to pursue a career in blockchain technology.  This coming September, I will start a part-time master’s in Computing and Information Systems at Queen Mary University of London where I will develop the skills needed to become a blockchain systems analyst.

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I am currently working as a course ambassador for the department of Music at Middlesex University and as a student learning assistant for two modules. In the past, I have also worked at the Students’ Union as music editor and radio host. These experiences helped me to develop a solid network of contacts that I aim to use to firstly, educate students and raise awareness on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and secondly, to promote CryptoTalent by working closely with the university’s employability centre. I will also engage with crypto-enthusiasts online and in person to exchange advice, work opportunities and ideas. In autumn, I will also start the first blockchain society at Queen Mary University of London where I will be studying part-time for the next two academic years.


I came across CryptoTalent while job-hunting and I instantly became interested in them. I strongly resonate with the company’s aim of bridging the talent gap between young professionals and the industry, and I am keen to connect with like-minded people and promote diversity in the blockchain workspace by being a CryptoTalent student representative.

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