London Blockchain Labs

London Blockchain Labs

Organisation Profile

Organisation Type:  Blockchain Student Hub

Organisation Size: 25-30

Number of Members: 1500+

Background: Finance, Development, Analytics, Trade and Marketing


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London Blockchain Labs is based across London’s leading universities, including UCL, LSE and KCL. Their goal is to unlock the potential of students in the blockchain space and prepare them to thrive in the professional world of tomorrow. 

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Mission & Activities

LBL’s mission is to prepare the future generation of professionals, by giving passionate students the opportunity to achieve their chosen level of Blockchain understanding. Blockchain is revolutionising a spectrum of professions, from finance to art and from healthcare to politics – we aim to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow can harness Blockchain innovation.

LBL wants to achieve its mission through the following four offerings:

  1. Training
  2. Recruitment
  3. Labs
  4. Crypto Market
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