University of Leeds Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Society

Student Association Profile

Club Type: Crypto & Blockchain
Club Size: 330+
Student Backgrounds: Economics, Finance, Computer Science, among others

CryptoTalent Ambassador:
George Benton

I began studying Economics and Finance at the University of Leeds in September 2016. Shortly after joining the University I joined the Trading and Investment Society, which is where my initial interest in cryptocurrencies arose. After meeting Emmanuel (the co-founder of the Leeds Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Society) who had similar interests and more experience in the area, I began looking at investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Throughout the next few months I became more involved with the cryptocurrency community, especially on twitter, and continued my research into blockchain applications. When Emmanuel and I finished our examinations in June 2017, we decided to found the Leeds Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Society. Following months of hard work and persuading the Student Union, we finally became an official student society in December 2017.

In my spare time I enjoy playing Baseball for the University team and mentoring a group of 15 first year students who are completing a similar course. I am also a co-founder of the Leeds Finance Summit and the Public Relations Executive at Arkadia Lending.


We aim to host an event every two weeks which can consist of:

  1. Presentations about a vast array of different topics such as the types of cryptocurrencies, use cases for blockchain in different industries and much more
  2. Workshops teaching attendees about basic cryptocurrency security and trading techniques
  3. External speakers presenting about their expertise in the area or their respective companies
  4. Forums of discussion for contentious topics in the industry, such as Bitcoin vs BCash and PoS vs PoW
  5. We are hoping to integrate blockchain based hackathons and coding workshops in the next semester


The society currently has 330+ members which come from a variety of backgrounds across the University. The most prevalent degree backgrounds of the members involved are Economics, Finance, Computer Science and Politics. We have also attracted a number of staff attendees at our events such as Professors of Corporate Finance, Student Union board members and more!

Activities & Interests

The main motivation behind creating the Leeds Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Society was to educate other students and staff at the University of Leeds about the revolutionary potential that blockchain technology possesses (if used in the correct scenarios).

As well as informing other University stakeholders, we wanted to create a community for discussion of ideas around cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Additionally, we wanted to inform community members about the safest ways to buy and store cryptocurrencies and how to avoid losing any investments they may choose to make.

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