IESEG Crypto Club

IESEG School of Management Crypto Club

Student Association Profile

Club Type: Crypto & Blockchain
Club Size: 150
Student Backgrounds: Business & Law

CryptoTalent Ambassador:
Arthur Peillon

Student in a dual degree in International Business and Law provided by IESEG and FLD (law school) I am the founding president of the Crypto Club IESEG. I first heard about crypto-currencies through the topic of the Dark Web, however I did not dig deeper in the subject. Few years later, with the beginning of the application of crypto-currencies to our daily life, I realised the potential it would offer to the society. Especially for ambitious students, crypto-currencies would be an amazing source of opportunities. This is why creating such an association was one of my main goals when I arrived at IESEG.



The idea of the Crypto Club IESEG was elaborated by four students who wanted to develop the crypto-currencies in their school. They were also interested in getting involved in the associative aspect of their school and creating an association on crypto-currencies was the best way to reach these goals. Convinced about the potential of such an association, IESEG approved the idea and the first goal was met.

The core association is composed of 9 students coming from the Bachelor in English, Bachelor in French programs and the Dual Degree provided by IESEG in which students’ study both Law and the IESEG courses. 8 students out of 9 are in second year and one of us is a third-year student. Therefore, all students are specialized in Business and Management and 2 of us follow the dual degree with Law. Being in a School of Management involves a real interest from the students into the development of the world’s economy and thanks to our age we are evolving with the crypto-currencies. Most of us even invested money in some currencies in order to be as close as possible to the subject.

Activities & Interests

The core association interacts with the community created on purpose. A Facebook group was initiated to establish the main objective of the association: catching people interest on the crypto-currencies. This group is now regrouping 130 students who are both already invested in the topic or who just joined the community by curiosity. The different activities that will take place are trading contests, meetups organized around the interventions of people who have real knowledge on the subject to develop students’ opinions, partnerships with companies and of course discussions on the Facebook page.

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