Durham University Fintech Society

Student Association Profile

Club Type: Fintech
Club Size: 20
Student Backgrounds: Finance, Computer Science, & Law, among others

CryptoTalent Ambassador:
Euan Austin

I am Euan Austin, a first-year Law student at Durham University and Co-Founder and Co-President of Durham University FinTech Society. Initially, I learnt about cryptocurrencies way back in 2014 after a friend at secondary school introduced me. However, it was not until Summer 2017 I was, again, hooked on blockchain and, more generally, FinTech.

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Sophia, DUFTS’s other Co-President, and I met online in September 2017, and were set on creating a FinTech society at Durham to preach the FinTech gospel outside the City. Attending events hosted in London by Hogans Lovells and Simmons & Simmons (both law firms), attendees were surprised that students knew or were interested in FinTech, and even more so upon hearing we were studying the North(!).

I can assure you that, here in the North we are as equally enthusiastic as the City about blockchain, cryptographic coins and tokens and other financial technologies.

Our society’s members come from incredibly diverse fields of study. DUFTS’s members include both those who you would expect to be competent in financial technology — Finance, PPE and Computer Science students — but our society also includes Law, Modern Languages and Cultures, and Earth Sciences students ranging from first years to PhDs.

DUFTS is of modest size, with between 10 and 20 active members, but we are looking to grow and would love to have more social sciences students onboard.

Activities & Interests

Blockchain’s potential isn’t limited to just finance. Currently we are working on collaboration with other societies at Durham (Economics, Economics Pluralism, Trading & Investing, Computing and Entrepreneurship) and will release the first issue of the DUFTS Journal in March.

We are looking forward to hosting a virtual coin & token trading competition, proceeding our planned ‘crypto fund’, and enhancing processes here at Durham University using the blockchain.

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