5 Companies Leading Blockchain and AI Innovation

Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) have crossed paths. Two of the world’s major technologies are set to converge and catalyze the pace of innovation, leading to numerous new opportunities in several industries. This so called decentralized intelligence will have a lasting impact on our future.     

The union of blockchain and AI technologies is set to introduce several benefits.

  • Decentralization allows for AI to be autonomous and independent from corporations, hence contributing to the elimination of monopolies
  • AI has the ability to operate with encrypted data through blockchain, hence making the whole process safer and more secure
  • DLT can drive research and innovation into AI, a field which is often controversial and intimidating for companies to invest in

The convergence of the two groundbreaking technologies appears to be a natural step that could lead into unprecedented modernization and progress. With this exciting phenomenon at hand, we have identified some of the most innovative companies that are exploiting the far-reaching potential of these technologies. All five companies are revolutionizing current the current ladder of innovation.





Location: United States

Website: https://neureal.net/#/

CEO: Jen Greyson 





How is Neureal.net using AI to improve the benefits the blockchain has?


Neureal.net is using a decentralized architecture to house predictive AI to potentially create the world’s most powerful supercomputer. The network’s architecture allows users to ask Neureal about the future the same way we ask Google about the present and the past–with the same confidence we have in the results of Google’s algorithms and first page.


Fun fact: Neureal.net’s Founder, Wil Bown, won the Million Dollar Texas Bitcoin Hackathon.






Location: United States

Website: https://www.burstiq.com/

CEO & Founder: Frank Ricotta





The BurstIQ platform allows intelligence platforms, including AI, to leverage data on a global scale, improving intelligence capabilities and enabling smarter, more personalized solutions. The BurstIQ platform places people at the center of the value stream for their own data and provides them with true control over their own health data and the ability to gain value from that data through marketplaces of personalized products and solutions, including AI-enabled solutions.


Fun fact: The CEO, Frank Ricotta, began his career in the Air Force and built the first data networks for enabling secure data communications between military satellite networks and ground operations. Thirty-five years later, he has become one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Together, the core team has over 100 years of experience in cybersecurity and a constant supply of popcorn in their office.





AI Crypto

Location: Singapore

Website: https://aicrypto.ai/

Co-CEO: Jaeho Seol




Here is how AI Crypto uses artificial intelligence to improve the benefits that blockchain has:

AI BlockChain for Decentralized Ecosystem. AI Industry has been monopolized by big companies, such as Facebook and Google. However, AI Crypto Society, which is composed of Startup companies and AI developers will put an end to this by using the AI Crypto Ecosystem.

Fun fact: Their slogan is in ABCDE order, AI BlockChain for Decentralised Ecosystem. The team also made a short slogan for AIC (= All In Coins!)





Synapse AI

Location: United States

Website: https://synapse.ai/

CEO: Dan Gailey





Synapse AI is very focused on using artificial intelligence to improve the benefits of blockchain. The project utilizes decentralized AI to bring data and machine learning models together in an evented network.


Fun fact: The Synapse AI employees describe the blockchain and AI journey as: “We went from crazy to genius real quick”.






Location: United States

Website: https://dopamine.ai/

Managing Founder: Uri Yerushalmi 





Dopamine is determined to exploit the benefits of converging AI with blockchain technology and here is how:


Using blockchain technology, the dopamine network allows different entities to communicate with one another, exchanging data, models and rewards, eventually serving the end user.


Fun fact: Through Dopamine a Decentralized AI can be created, which is not controlled by a single entity.




As we can see, the convergence of blockchain and AI is an innovation that is moving forward rapidly and is set to revolutionize systems across all industries. These five companies are noteworthy examples of the vast potential existent through the union of these two technologies. Definitely make sure to keep up to date with all these fast paced and ground-breaking projects that are set to contribute remarkable findings and knowledge to our world today and for many more years to come.