Blockchain Worldwide – Leading Projects Gather in Barcelona

On May 10th, the CryptoTalent team had the pleasure of organizing the “Barcelona Blockchain Worldwide” event. We hosted eight influential speakers from some of the most promising companies and projects within the blockchain space!

The event was a great opportunity for guests to discover some of the most innovative applications of blockchain globally.

In continuation is a brief overview of the projects and fundamental ideas that were shared by the speakers throughout the evening.


Sasha Kolupaev, Operations Manager
Watch Waves’ Presentation Here





Waves is a decentralised platform with powerful real-world tools and functionality hosted on the blockchain. Waves was founded in 2016 by Sasha Ivanov, and its team of over 70 employees are working hard to provide new and secure solutions for people to start blockchain-powered businesses.

Apart from introducing the company, Sasha also focused on some of Wave’s key benefits that distinguish them from their competition:

  1. Over 100 transactions per second
  2. 1-3 second transaction times
  3. Lower transaction cost = 0.001 WAVES ($0.0045) fixed, no gas




Kora Network

Lauren Harrington, CAO
Watch Kora’s Pitch Here





Kora Network, is a great example of how blockchain technology is disrupting the financial service sector. Kora Network is an infrastructure for inclusive community owned financial systems that is geared towards solving the issue related to small producers being limited by poor economies of scale, which hides their potential for growth.

As mentioned by Lauren, Kora Network solves this by providing the tools necessary to build a self-sustaining, community-owned ecosystem for circulating and accumulating capital within the community. With the company’s ICO currently taking place, Kora Network is set to continue disrupting the financial service industry and expanding globally.





Daniel Wolfe, CEO
Watch Tradingene’s Pitch Here





Tradingene, the first marketplace that connects vetted algorithms with investors, is a very promising and innovative project that is currently completing its ICO in the month of May. Daniel Wolfe, the CEO, has referred to it as “the Uber for the algorithmic trading market.” Through a blockchain-based auction platform, Tradingene offers the creation and use of algorithms to trade in cryptocurrencies and other popular financial instruments, making algorithmic trading more accessible.




Horizon State

Nimo Naamani, Co-Founder
Watch Nimo’s Presentation Here





Horizon State is the future of voting and collaborative decision making. As mentioned by Nimo, Horizon State’s secure community engagement and voting platform delivers unprecedented trust through the integrity of blockchain technology. A fundamental element of the platform is that the collaborative decision making tools are such that results cannot be altered.




DAO Stack

Danilo Vaz, Community Manager
Watch DAOstack’s Pitch Here





DAO Stack is a platform for decentralized governance that enables collectives to self-organize around shared goals and values in an easy and efficient manner. In the words as mentioned by Danilo, “DAO Stack is designed to catalyze the future of collaboration.”

The platform is scheduled to be launched in the spring of 2018.





Nikita Filimonov, COO
Watch Belper’s Pitch Here





Nikita described Belper as a company of technology experts and consultants aimed to revolutionize traditional business networks with the support of blockchain technology. The project is determined to help companies step into the new era of business processes by integrating standard or custom solutions that will transform the way businesses control information, track assets and record transactions.

Belper are the pioneers in blockchain service provision to businesses, offering:

  1. Faster processes
  2. Fewer intermediaries
  3. Automation
  4. Security
  5. Time and cost savings





Bruno Balen, CEO and Co-Founder
Watch Holoflake’s Pitch Here





Holoflake is a very unique project that offers a holistic approach to the challenges of rapid progresses related self-realization and technological leaps.

The Holoflake platform focuses on:

  1. Enabling you to find a tribe of like-minded individuals that help boost your personal development
  2. Providing you the opportunity to further develop complex problem-solving skills and increasing your knowledge regarding the world of tomorrow
  3. Providing you with remuneration for contributing to the community

The project is set to launch its ICO September of this year.





The best part of the event:  a highly engaging panel discussion between the speakers and the audience.

On behalf of CryptoTalent we would like to thank all the speakers, guests and sponsors for making our first Barcelona Blockchain Worldwide event a success. A special shout out to Waves for being the events Official Partner. We look forward to organizing many more events in this blockchain rich environment in the near future!