Rise of AI Conference 2018 Berlin – Discounted Tickets

CryptoTalent is offering you a unique opportunity to participate in the Rise of AI Conference in Berlin!

10 selected students will receive a massive discount for the tickets: €69 instead of €730 – this is an exclusive opportunity that only CryptoTalent can offer!

Among the speakers are:

Ben Goertzel – The Founder & CEO of SingularityNet

Dr. Trent McConaghy – CTO BlockchainDB

Fabian Westerheide – Investor at ASGARD VC and Rise of AI Organizer

And many more notable founders, investors, and researchers from the AI ecosystem!

If you are an exceptional student that is interested in this opportunity, please send an e-mail to team@crypto-talent.com with the following information:

  • Email subject: Rise of AI
  • Your name
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Why you think you should be selected (optional)

You can find more information in the following links:

Website: www.riseof.ai


Last year’s conference