Five Influential Women in Blockchain

Today is a very important day – the International Women’s Day! A day that definitely should be acknowledged.

Want to hear a crazy fact? Only 5% to 7% of all cryptocurrency users are women, making the industry a highly male-dominated one. This is truly a shocking number and it needs to be changed ASAP.

Given how important it is to highlight the hard work of women in blockchain and encourage more women to enter this industry, we have created a list of five influential influencers for you to check out and follow.

These are our true #GirlBosses who deserves all the credit they can get:

Sally Eaves


Emergent Technology CTO / Global Strategy Advisor: FinTech, Blockchain and AI / Intrapreneur / Speaker and Author / Research

London, United Kingdom



Sally eaves is a recognised CTO and thought leader in emerging Technologies (Blockchain, Machine Learning, AR/VR). She holds a number of directorships and engages in innovative research and educational activity. Her initiative to work with young professionals, sharing with them her expertise and providing them with opportunities within the space adds a lot of positive value to the ecosystem as a whole.

Sally’s work is fundamental towards the success of blockchain technology and its implementation, to accelerate and sustain business growth. We are sure that she will continue to be a role model to us all.


Magdalena Isbrandt


Founder and CEO of The House of Nakamoto

Vienna, Austria


Magdalena is the Founder and CEO of the House of Nakamoto, the first retail store dedicated to Bitcoin and the world of blockchain. Her hard work and determination has led her to be a pioneer within the space spreading the importance of blockchain technology not only in Austria, but on a global scale.

“Digital currencies are more than just a payment system, they embody the revolutionary idea that a decentralized currency should be possible without the influence of the state and banks”

Laura Shin


Crypto Journalist and Podcast Producer at UnChained

San Francisco, United States



Laura Shin, previously a Forbes Senior Editor focusing on crypto is now an independent journalist covering crypto assets. Her hard work and passion for this breakthrough technology has led her to win the Blockchain Award in 2016 for most insightful Journalist.

Laura is keen on spreading her expertise and passion to anyone interested in blockchain. She is the host of her very own podcast known as Unchained (Big Ideas From the Worlds of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency) and Unconfirmed: Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely listen to her podcasts!

Amanda Gutterman


Chief Marketing Officer at ConsenSys

Brooklyn, United States



As a graduate from Columbia University, a former Special Projects Editor at the Huffington Post, and the current CMO of ConsenSys, Amanda’s career journey has been truly fascinating. Before working for ConsenSys, Amanda co-founded Slant, a decentralized media platform that provides creators with their fair share of ad revenue on their publications.

It is no surprise, that in 2016, Forbes Magazine listed Amanda as one of 30 Under 30 Movers and Shakers in the Content Industry. Her journey demonstrates that with hard work and determination one can go a long way. She is and will continue to be a source of inspiration for us all in the blockchain world.

Emilie Choi


VP of Corporate and Business Development at Coinbase

San Francisco, United States



The company “Coinbase” definitely rings the bell for most of us in the blockchain space. Emilie Choi recently became the Vice President of corporate and business development at Coinbase. After holding the same responsibilities at LinkedIn, the blockchain world is confident that Emilie is set to take on this new challenge.

Her expertise in mergers and acquisitions will be a great asset for Coinbase, as the company is set to gear-up after a history of very few acquisitions. It is worth acknowledging Emilie’s determination to take on a new risk in a brand new space, as is the case of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Follow them!

Following these influencers will not only help you develop a better understanding of blockchain but also get a daily dose of inspiration. Do not be afraid to take risks and explore new opportunities, who knows you might be a step away from discovering a passion.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you want to add anyone to the list in the comments below!

Happy International Women’s Day,

The CryptoTalent Team